How We’re Different

One On One Treatments

Like many, you have probably received physical therapy at a large hospital owned clinic or corporate therapy chain. Your sessions were most likely 30 minutes, impersonal and you were probably left alone doing your exercises while the therapist seemed to be working with multiple patients. If you feel you deserve more out of your physical therapy, you are right! At Carolina Orthopedic Rehab you will receive the personalized one on one care you deserve from our highly skilled therapists.

Hands On Manual Therapy

At Carolina Orthopedic Rehab we are all about being hands-on! In fact, all of our licensed therapists are trained in multiple Manual Therapy Techniques. Manual therapy is one of the foundations of our treatment approach and with us you will receive the hands-on care that is crucial to your recovery. If you’re tired of being left on equipment to exercise by yourself, call us today to start getting the hands on treatment you deserve.

Only Licensed Therapists

Our patient’s health, safety and progress are our first priority. Carolina Orthopedic Rehab does not employ aides, athletic trainers or techs. Each and every patient receives one on one attention from our licensed and highly skilled therapists for the duration of their 45-60 minute session. You deserve personalized care and we can provide it!