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"Thank you Kelly for your professional assistance in helping me after my knee replacement. You were tough and encouraging at the same time. I appreciate your help in my recovery. Thank you again! bill"
Jul 09, 2020
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"Just the best. . They are very aware of how the body works & the muscles it takes to get it to work, & it amazed me how they can identify the problem, isolate it, and devise exercises that specifically target the issue... Their workspace is small & their attention is dedicated...You don't get the sense you're in a rehab factory... One thing, never never utter the phrase "This is easy.".."
Jul 07, 2020
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Jun 24, 2020
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"I had an extremely positive experience at Carolina Orthopedic Rehab. Ken and Kelly worked with me to regain mobility and strength after my recent rotator cuff surgery. Ken designed a plan that was easy to follow at home between therapy visits. During a difficult patch with frozen shoulder and an extra tight shoulder joint, Ken revised my therapy/exercise plan and offered lots of encouragement. I felt supported every step of the way. Even though I've "graduated " from PT, I continue to use what I've learned to increase my shoulder strength and daily living function. I hope I never need PT again, but if I do, I will definitely call Carolina Orthopedic Rehab!"
Jun 16, 2020
"I admit to being a bit skeptical about how much good therapy would help with my broken wrist. I must admit Ken Ellsworth helped me achieve significant improved range of motion and flexibility in my wrist that I thought I would never have again. I would highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed."
May 20, 2020
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Dec 11, 2019
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"Very Kind, friendly and helpful!"
Apr 11, 2018
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"The Physical Therapy team at Carolina Orthopedic Rehab are very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. A really great team to work with!"
Jun 20, 2017
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